Pinpointe Laser

The PinPointe Foot Laser is an FDA-cleared, UV A patented Infrared LASER that heals nail fungus at the speed of light, without pain and without pills. And there is neither loss nor damage to the nail. It's a laser toenail treatment performed in our office, in one treatment session.

Early clinical trials report a better than 80% success rate. Our patient's progress is documented with photographs at the beginning, after 4 months and at 8 months following the laser toenail treatment.

Common Questions
How does the Laser work?

The laser is a specially designed, patented device that shines through your toenail and vaporizes the germs embedded in your nail bed and nail plate.

Is the Laser treatment painful?
No. The laser beam has no effect on healthy tissue. Some people report a mild warming sensation. Most people feel nothing; certainly not pain.

How long does the treatment take?
All nails are treated regardless of how many look affected. It takes approximately 45 minutes to treat all nails.

How soon will I see improvement?
On average, a toenail will replace itself every 6 to 9 months. Healthy new growth should be visible by the 3 month check up.

Can I walk after the treatment?
Yes. You will walk out as easily as you walked in.

Does my insurance pay for this care?
No. Insurance does not pay for the PinPointe FootLaser. However, we offer a CareCredit financing option of 0%interest for 6 months.

What does the fee include?
The cost for PinPointe Laser treatment varies based on the number of toenails being treated. The fee includes the initial consultation, photos, PinPointe Footlase treatment, and follow up visits at 3 months and 6 months for the purpose of monitoring your progress and documenting that with photographs.

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